Captain/CEO:Koji TABATA

Captain / CEO : Koji TABATA

HobbySurfing, Eating Out, Domestic Travel
CommentHello, everyone. I am Koji Tabata. I passionately love marine activities and Okinawa’s beautiful sea so that I got a boat license in my 20s. Then I moved to Okinawa with my family in 2016. Since I had wanted many people to know Okinawa’s attractive aspect, I’ve finally established this cruise company with Mr. Yuzurihara in January of 2020. I’ll do my best to provide you a wonderful cruising tour!!

Captain/Executive managing director:Takeshi YUZURIHARA

Captain / Executive managing director : Takeshi YUZURIHARA

HobbyFishing, Surfing, Overseas Travel
CommentHello, everyone. I am Takeshi Yuzurihara. I was into marine activities as surfing, fishing and more when I was teen-age. I was deeply enamored of Okinawa’s sea and I had wanted to work related to sea from long time ago. Finally, I decided to quit pharmaceutical foreign company and to move to start up this company. I hope you let us help to make a great memory by our amazing cruising, I’ll do my best!!