Do you want to have a good time by our cruising on Okinawa’s boundless ocean?

There are luxurious and precious time on boat cruising. Originally, cruising means “Sailing open ocean”. As the meaning, there are no road and no traffic light, so you can keep Okinawa’s amazing ocean. Cruising freely, comfortable wind, clear blue sky, and beautiful ocean. We are sure those make you to be impressed by those openness and freedom. Why don’t you join in our cruising to spend precious time with your loved family and your important friends. We introduce optional plan to enjoy more.

Marine Sports

We have marine activity tools, so you don’t need to prepare them.
(Of course, bring-your-own is allowed)

Fishing Experience

Fishing on the ocean is so exciting! You may catch Okinawa’s unique fishes. Our staff is good at fishing, so you can enjoy fishing by his lesson even if you are a beginner.


The best BBQ is on the ocean! Please enjoy good food, good views, and good time with your family and your friends. We can provide appetizer by catering, so please let us know that you want it when you reserve our plan.

Our Exclusive Cruise’s attractive points

Door to door from your hotel! Free transportation!

Our Exclusive Cruise can provide transportation service. If you choose our free transportation plan, you can drink alcohol and you are no stress about driving on your way home. Please let us know your preferred time and your preferred place to pick-up.

Safety insurance!

We take out passenger liability insurance for our guest. We respond to you just in case an accident occur.